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Equine Art by Holly Vanasse

My Dappled Pony paintings and horse-themed art products are colorful, whimsical and uplifting. Join the mailing list to be the first to shop new designs and exclusive sales!

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Each painting is many many layers of collage, paint and ink. I love to create wild backgrounds and paint horses on top of them. This creates lots of opportunities for "happy accidents" and unique color combinations.


I don't know who the horse will be until I am finished. Their personality emerges as I am painting them. I love the challenge of making the background colors work with the shading and highlights of the horse.


Photos of your horse are used to inspire a painting that captures the essence of your horse but as if they are in another world, one where colors and patterns behave differently.

The age of the utilitarian horse is over. But the horse as an object of art, as a subject of concern, as a monument to character development is now more important than ever. That which is irreplaceable and not interchangeable deserves cherishing.

Charles De Kunffy

Connecting with horses is letting go, yet merging, to enter the infinite and dance with the spirit of the horse, a magical moment of mutual respect, harmony, and partnership. Through this union, anything and everything is possible and we can become whatever we give ourselves the power to be.

Margrit Coates