Magic of Horses in Brushstrokes

Welcome to my world as a horse artist! I am on a journey to share the magic and beauty of horses through my paintings. I aim to uplift and inspire anyone who sees my paintings, and bring more beauty into their world.

My lifelong fascination with these magnificent creatures has led me on a path of discovery, connection, and creativity. From exercise riding race horses across the USA, to teaching horsemanship, to boarding horses, my life has always revolved around the horse.

My paintings are my way of expressing the deep connection I seek with horses and the way they make me feel. Each piece is a dreamy, spiritual, and beautifully energetic tribute to the soul of the horse.

The process of creating my paintings is just as magical as the final result. I usually start with a vibrant background, and as I paint the horse, its personality emerges. The challenge of making the background colors complement the horse's shading and highlights is what makes each piece unique and exciting.

My "Dappled Pony" paintings are a combination of my love for horses and my creativity. They are made up of multiple layers of collage, paint, and ink, resulting in wild backgrounds and one-of-a-kind horses.

I have always been creative, from drawing and coloring as a child to photography and digital art. After years of art journaling and playing with different techniques, I finally embraced my destiny as a horse artist. My passion for horses and my creative spirit come together in each and every painting, creating a whimsical and fantastical world for horse lovers to escape into.

So, come along for the ride and join me in celebrating the beauty and magic of horses through my artwork and products. Let's connect with the horse, be inspired, and share the love for these magnificent creatures together.

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